Production Updates

Full Product Demonstration Video

As part of Kickstarter’s strict approval process, I was required to submit a full demonstration video showing the app and nest box working together. I am delighted to be sharing this with you today.

Whilst it’s not a big production video with moving camera shots and fading lights, it does show the technology working in its entirety. I think it’s important to remember that I am working on this project single-handedly and don’t have the resources to put together a fully produced video. However, I am committed to the aim of this project which is to create a worldwide network of connected nest box cameras for everyone to watch and enjoy.

The video demonstrates a range of unique features that I have developed specifically for this project, such as AI image recognition to identify Birds, push notifications to your smartphone and the ability to watch other nest boxes on the Nest Box Live network.

Usually, when tech products are released, there is no option for them to be updated, and you are stuck with the features advertised at the point of sale. However, the development of Nest Box Live is an ongoing process and something that I’m always improving on. For example, the software running on the nest box is designed to receive updates when I release them automatically. These updates may include routine bug fixes and additional patches that bring increased functionality to the app and the community of nest boxes as a whole.

As a user, you won’t see any of this happening but you can be assured that I am continually working on this in the background. You will see changes in app updates via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (and there have been some released already for existing nest box owners). 

Nest box software updates are essential because in order to bring new functionality to the app, usually, the nest box has to do something new too. Developing these features is often a lengthy process and involves writing hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of lines of code!

What you also don’t see is the worldwide cloud infrastructure I have built to enable all of this to happen. As I have mentioned previously, this is not just a nest box camera, but rather it’s part of a bigger network and community of nest box watchers.

This project is part of a bigger vision of how I foresee us observing nature in the future, and I would love you to come on this journey with me.

I’d very much welcome suggestions in the comments section below for features or functionality you’d like to see.