Image Recognition Technology Detects Bird Species

Keep track and monitor the different types of birds visiting using our AI technology.

AI image recognition

Stay effortlessly connected to your feathered friends with our AI recognition technology actively keeping you informed about visitors to your bird house. Our technology outperforms others, utilising a custom-trained AI network for superior bird species detection. Trained on hundreds of thousands of images from our global camera network, the AI model excels at distinguishing between species like the Bluebird and Chickadee. Continuous updates with new images ensure the system evolves as more birds visit, providing you with more accurate results.

Nest Box App AI Classification

Detailed Breakdown

See detailed information about each AI detection. You can confirm or change classifications within the app to help improve accuracy.

Insights to Track Species

Visualise the different types of birds visiting in a wonderful ‘species tracker’ widget on the Insights screen.​

Nest Box Live AI Charts


Get notified on your smartphone every time a bird visits, complete with AI detection. Identify visiting birds without opening the app. Explore more about this feature by clicking here.

AI Recognition is include as part of Nest Box Live. Click here to start your order now. 

Experience seamless integration between our camera, app, and AI technology. No user input is needed; the system actively detects birds during visits. For further information about AI image recognition, read here: