An 8-Megapixel 1080p HD Camera for Incredible Detail

Image quality like this has never been seen before with a bird house camera. See the incredible detail up close and in stunning high definition.

Camera quality unmatched

Capturing birds in stunning 1080p full high definition, this fully digital bird house camera system ensures no artefacts or graininess. The camera delivers crisp, clean, and sharp image quality, highlighting the vibrant colours inside the nest box. Now, you can closely observe fine details, such as the feathers of the chick and the types of food being fed. This level of image quality inside a bird’s nest has never been seen before.

Watch anytime, anywhere, within the app

The camera streams its live feed directly to our custom-built app, allowing you to view it from wherever you wish.

All Action is Recorded

Automatically recording videos ensures you won’t miss any visits. Simply tap the icon to play back each clip and enjoy the convenience. It’s that simple.

Infrared (IR) viewing at night

Unveil our state-of-the-art infrared night vision system! Our system illuminates total darkness with precision, thanks to advanced, high-powered infrared 850nm LEDs strategically positioned within the box’s roof. Say goodbye to limitations in low-light situations – our innovative solution ensures the bird house camera captures crystal-clear images, even as the birds inside bask in complete darkness. Experience safety, reliability, and unparalleled aesthetics all in one.

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Safe For Birds

Infrared light is completely safe for birds and is 100% invisible, so they won't be disturbed at night.

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Automatically Changes

The camera's software knows when it's sunset and turns the IR LEDs on.

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Excellent Quality

Follow all of the action even when the lights go out.

This camera is included with your Nest Box Live purchase. Click here to start your order now. 

Full camera specifications:

Image Sensor: Sony IMX219

Resolution: 8 Megapixels (1440×1080)

Framerate: 30 FPS

Focal Length: 3.04mm

Angle of View: 62.2 Degrees

Infrared: Supported

Further information about the camera sensor can be found by viewing the data sheet here.