Watch Other Live Nest Cameras From Around The World

Nest Box Live owners gain exclusive access to our worldwide platform of dedicated live streaming bird nest cameras, for free.

Nest Box Live App Nest Watch

A new way to watch live bird nests

Nest Watch offers a unique way to actively watch live bird box cameras worldwide. By leveraging the Nest Box Live platform, owners can opt to share their camera, gaining access to the largest collection of live streaming bird nests. Enjoy not only watching your camera but also up to hundreds of others.

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Notifications When Cameras Go Live

Actively favourite your preferred cameras and receive notifications on your smartphone when they go live.

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Included in your Purchase

Viewing other live cameras on the platform is free of additional charges, and you can access them seamlessly through the app.

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Share and share alike

Open up a global network of live cameras by actively sharing your nest box.

Countries covered around the world

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Interactive Browsing

Explore the Nest Watch live map view to actively browse and discover cameras streaming on the platform. Exclusive to Nest Box Live owners, this unique browsing feature allows you to see in real-time where our nest box cameras are broadcasting from. Navigate from Europe to North America with ease and choose to zoom in on active nest sites.

You are in control

Take control of your privacy with Nest Watch – an opt-in feature that requires activation before use. While participation is optional, it stands out as a key feature of Nest Box Live, connecting you with hundreds of fellow bird enthusiasts.

Nest Box Live App Privacy Screen
Privacy Considered

Your consent is crucial – we only share what you allow. Decide whether to share your camera with or without audio, or choose not to share at all!

Locations Kept Secret

For privacy and security, we actively conceal the exact locations of nest boxes. Only vague details, like the nearest city, are shared with other users.

Nest Watch is included when you purchase Nest Box Live. Click here to start your order now. 

To view live cameras on Nest Watch, we suggest having a download connection of at least 5 mbps on your computer or mobile device. Test your speed with the Ookla Speedtest® tool here: While viewing may be feasible on lower connections, it’s not guaranteed.