Be The First To Know Of Any Action

Push notifications are sent to your smartphone each time a bird visits, so you don't have to spend hours staring at an empty screen.

Wait for the birds to come to you

Having real-time push notifications on iPhone or Android devices is a seamless way to inform you that birds are visiting. No longer will you spend hours looking at an empty nest, waiting for something to happen. Sit back, relax and let Nest Box Live notify you each time a feathered friend steps inside.

Emails straight to your inbox

Enabling email notifications is a great way to get family and friends involved in the viewing experience. Adding their address to the smartphone app ensures that will receive notifications just like you. There is no limit to the number of recipients.

Nest Box Live email notification

Fully customisable

Our app allows you to customise how and what notifications are sent. Push notifications are automatically sent to your smartphone, but you can choose to disable this if you wish. Adding email recipients is easy, simply tap and add addresses. If for whatever reason your nest box is offline, a notification is sent to let you know. This can be very useful if there is a power cut or someone accidentally flips the power switch.

Nest Box Live app customise notifications

All features above are included for free as part of your Nest Box Live purchase. Click here to start your order now. 

To receive notifications on iPhone or Android devices, ensure that you have an Apple iOS or Android-compatible device.

Apple iOS users should run software version 12.4 or later and you can check your current version here: Please note that we do not provide support for devices running iOS versions below 12.4 and if your iOS version is lower than this, you must upgrade the software on your device.

For Android devices, make sure you are using version 5 or a later version. To verify your Android version, refer to: Devices with Android versions below 5 are not supported, and you need to upgrade your device.

If upgrading your device is not possible, you may be unable to use this feature.