Conservation Data Gathered and Visualised

Temperature, humidity and weather data are all automatically gathered and presented in beautiful widgets within the app.

Gain a deeper understanding

Observe the real-time tracking of temperature and humidity by our internal digital sensor, witnessing how weather changes impact nesting birds. Essential conservation data is gathered and seamlessly transmitted to our app, where you can view it through various widgets. Delve into detailed graphs and charts to gain a profound understanding of how breeding is influenced by changing conditions.

Nest Box Live Roof
Nest Box Live camera sensor info

Data Streamed in Real-Time

Overlay live temperature and humidity data directly onto the live camera image, providing a real-time analysis of what’s happening inside.

Weather Information for Visits

Log detailed weather information every time a bird visits, allowing you to actively observe how changes in conditions influence their behavior.

Track the number of visits

The app actively provides a detailed breakdown of your box’s visitation metrics. Explore the total number of visits, whether over the past week or in real-time for the current day. Additionally, a line chart visually depicts peak activity throughout the current week, while a heat map offers an in-depth analysis of longer-term activity trends.

App Insights

Gathering crucial conservation data from our global camera platform not only actively contributes to a broader understanding of bird behavior and breeding patterns but also fosters collaboration with researchers and academics. This collaboration enhances comprehension and adds valuable insights to the broader knowledge on breeding habits. By purchasing Nest Box Live, you are taking an active role in contributing towards conservation efforts. Get your order started now by clicking here.

See how research can active help towards conservation efforts: