Import Taxes and Local Sales Tax Per Country

For the benefit of backers of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, I have compiled a list of countries and their taxes for goods being imported. Nest boxes sold through Kickstarter won’t be charged sales tax, so these will be collected at the point of delivery and is the responsibility of the buyer.


  • None


  • USA No import tax and no local sales tax as goods do not exceed the minimum threshold of $800
  • CA No import tax due to trade deal between UK and CA. All imports subject to 5% sales tax

Europe (Non-EU)

Non-eu but part of Schengan

  • Switzerland  Import tax of 1% and local sales tax of 7.70%
  • Liechtenstein Import tax of 1% and local sales tax of 8%
  • Norway No import tax and local sales tax of 25%
  • Iceland Import tax of 8% and local sales tax of 24%


  • Import tax of 1% and local VAT rate between 19-22% depending on the country

South Africa

  • No Import Tax but a local sales tax of 15%

Australia & New Zealand

  • No import taxes or local sales tax


  • Singapore No import tax but 8% local sales tax
  • Indonesia Import tax of 15% and no local sales tax
  • Philippines Import tax of 10% and local sales tax of 12%
  • Thailand Import tax of 10% and local sales tax of 7%
  • Malaysia No import tax but 10% local sales tax

If your country is not listed above, please check this website: https://www.easyship.com/en-gb/duties-and-taxes-calculator/. Select ‘shipment origin’ as the United Kingdom and the ‘shipment destination’ as your own country. Put the ‘item selling price’ as 200 USD, although this won’t be the sales price for the nest boxes.

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