Kickstarter Progress

Sold out in the UK and funded within 1 hour

Well, that went better than expected! Yesterday I launched the crowdfunding campaign for the Nest Box Live smart nest box and integration app via Kickstarter. Within one hour of the launch, the funding target was reached, meaning that the project will go ahead into production. The UK allocation was sold out within 24-hours, but there is still good availability in other regions. If your region is not on the list, please drop me an email at, and I will see what I can do.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people who have backed this project so far, plus the ongoing support I receive from thousands of people like you. With this backing, I can continue with my ambition to create a worldwide network of these nest boxes for many to watch and enjoy. If you know any friends or family that may be interested in becoming part of this journey, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share the Kickstarter link above.

A couple of questions have arisen from the launch.

Can the nest box camera be sold separately without the wooden box? The short answer to this is no. This is an all-in-one system because careful attention has been taken to perfect the camera angle and focus. I have spent the best part of 12-months getting the image quality this good, and this is because I have removed almost all variables by installing a nest box camera. The artificial intelligence I developed works best with these nest box dimensions. If a different specification nest box were to be used, this feature would not perform as intended (this is one of the standout features of this system).

Can I add the add-ons at a later stage? Yes, if you have completed your backing on Kickstarter and have forgotten to include an add-on such as an extra cable or entrance hold enlargement, please drop me a message via Kickstarter, and I can add this to your pledge.

I need to use Powerline Adapters with my nest box as the cable won’t reach my router, I couldn’t add this on Kickstarter? If you require Powerline adapters, these are sold separately and not by Nest Box Live. These are relatively inexpensive and can save the hassle of long cable runs. Expect to pay around £25/£30 for a set of these on Amazon.

Again, if there are any problems or questions, please drop me an email.