Nest Box Live AI-Powered Bird House and Nest Box Camera System
Nest Box Live Bird House and App

AI-Powered Bird House Camera System

A revolutionary AI-Powered bird house and nest box camera system that detects different bird species, sends notifications to your smartphone and live streams to social media

AI Recognition

Keep track and monitor the different types of birds visiting using our AI technology

Sensor Icon

Intelligent sensors​

Stream realtime temperature data straight to your smart phone, collect information on behaviour patterns and track what species have visited.

Image Recognition

A custom trained artificial intelligence network identified bird species. The Nest Box Live network gets smarter with each classification.

Microphone Icon

Digital Microphone

A digital microphone provides crystal clear audio so you can hear the wonderful sounds. No more buzzing nest box microphones!

Notification Icon


Receive a notification directly to your smart phone each time there is a visitor in your nest box. No more staring at empty empty screen.

Led Icon

LED illumination

Visible and infrared LEDs illuminate inside the nest box which improves camera footage. All automatically controlled when the sunsets/rises

Conservation Icon

Conservation data

Our community of nest boxes collect data so we can build an international database of bird breeding patterns and populations for researchers

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Frequently asked questions

Nest Box Live is a revolutionary AI-Powered bird house and nest box camera system that detects different bird species, sends notifications to your smartphone and live streams to social media. It has an 8-megapixel camera and connects to the internet. The custom build smartphone app has the ability to live stream the camera’s image to social media with a single tap.

A single Ethernet network cable, with a maximum length of 100 meters, serves to supply both power and data. This cable necessitates connection to your broadband router. In cases where a wired connection to the router is impractical, Powerline adapters of all models can be used. These adapters enable the establishment of a wired Internet connection by utilising the power sockets within your home.

No. A stable and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection for a high-definition camera system like this is challenging to achieve beyond a range of 5-10 meters from your wireless router. Despite some camera systems being marketed as ‘Wi-Fi compatible,’ they often experience dropouts, making them less reliable for seamless operation. A wired connection is much more suitable.

Nest Box Live has been meticulously crafted as an integrated, all-in-one system. Our focus on precision engineering encompasses the lighting, camera, and various other elements, ensuring the delivery of exceptional image quality.

Nest Box Live features a specially designed smartphone application that facilitates the seamless streaming of the camera’s live feed, providing users with real-time access to their bird house camera.

Nest Box Live requires a wired connection to your internet router and at least a 3mbps upload connection. Check your speed here:

At the moment, there is a single person running this product and they take care of development, hardware design, programming, social media and much more! We are anticipating that the team will grow as this project moves forward. If you would like to work for us then please drop us an email!