Most Watched Bird Box Live Camera Videos of 2023

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Our first year at Nest Box Live, launching our AI-Powered Bird House and Nest Box Camera system, has generated well over 100 bird-nesting and chick-hatching moments, and we love every one! We take a look back at the most watched bird box camera videos of 2023 from Facebook and YouTube and our thoughts on why these amazing instances of ornithology at its best are so popular.

The Tiny Blue Tit’s Breeding Cycle Phenomenon – 71 Million Views (Most Watched of 2023)

In June 2023, we shared the Nest Box Live capture of the nesting and hatching cycle of one of Britain’s most popular birds – the Blue Tit. 

This video begins with just the bare bird box, found by this tiny bird who first checks out the camera and makes sure she’s safe. Momma Blue Tit then goes to work meticulously, filling the bird box with super-soft moss, animal hair, and plant matter before laying seven tiny eggs. After weeks of sitting, the eggs finally hatch on Day 38, and the feeding process begins before weeks later, the tiny fledglings, one by one, begin to leave.

Birds In Nest Box
Blue Tit (71M Views) – Watch on Facebook

Video Description:

Nest Box Live: Top Nest Box Video – The complete Blue Tit breeding cycle (60 days in a 3-minute film) 

This Nest Box Live video has been so popular, with over 71 million views on Facebook and YouTube. One watcher, Heidi Machete, says:

“That’s bought a tear to my eyes what a wonderful montage of the babies so pleased that you started all this Jamie and nest box it really is some of the best stuff on here!”

There are 10,000 comments on Facebook alone. Rayray Angel says:

“I loved watching this very interesting how much time they put into making their nest, and it looks so comfortable. Thank you for making this video.”

Why are Blue Tits so interesting?

  • They are a tiny bird, at just 9-11g
  • There are an estimated 3.5 million breeding pairs in the UK
  • Blue Tit numbers in the UK are increasing – they love bird boxes!
  • British Blue Tits stay home, rarely moving away from where they are hatched
  • They are the only “blue” British bird!

An Awe-Inspiring Insight into the Life-Cycle of the Common Kestrel – 17m views

In July 2023, we published a rare glimpse into the life cycle of the Common Kestrel captured on a Nest Box Live camera.

Despite severe population decline from the 1970s onwards, likely due to a decrease in prey, agricultural chemicals, and a lack of nest sites, the Common Kestrel is still frequently seen in farming areas. The Common Kestrel is on the Amber List of Birds of Conservation Concern. 

This video starts with the regal Kestel mom laying five beautiful brown mottled eggs, which she fiercely guards until the chicks emerge. The camera view clearly captures the chick’s first days, then weeks from the side, providing an amazing view of their development until they are almost too large for the bird box. By Day 60, their stunning adult plumage and powerful beaks are clearly developing. A week later, five strong kestrel fledglings pack side by side, ready to emerge into the world and learn to hunt shrews, mice, and voles. 

Kestrel Breeding Cycle
Kestrel (17M Views) – Watch on Facebook

Video Description:

Nest Box Live: Top Nest Box Video – Kestrel chicks awe-inspiring development (60+ days in a 3-minute film) 

Why are Kestrels so interesting?

  • The Common Kestrel can be up to 39cm from head to tail and weigh 250g
  • A Kestrel was once also called a “windhover” for its habit of beating the wind to hover, searching for prey
  • Kestrels can fly at up to 39 mph but reach much greater speeds when diving, some Kestrels can reach 200mph.

The Humble Sparrow’s Captivating Nest Build – 7.6m views 

The town and garden favourite, the humble little sparrow, has also been one of our most popular videos. In March 2023, we shared an industrious pair’s feathery nest build. 

Sparrow Nest Build
House Sparrow (7.6M Views) – Watch on Facebook

Video Description:

Nest Box Live: Top Nest Box Video – A pair of industrious tiny sparrows build a feathery nest

Why are Sparrows so interesting?

  • Third most common UK bird with 5.3 million breeding pairs
  • Sparrows hop on the ground instead of walking, they can even swim underwater
  • Sparrows even live and breed in a Yorkshire coal mine 700ft below ground!

Would you like to watch nesting birds in your own backyard LIVE! and create videos just like this?

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