Top 8 Cutest Birds in The US

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What does it mean for something to be cute? I think we can agree that ‘cuteness’ is rather subjective. But, when I think of the cutest birds, I think of small and fluffy birds that I would love to cuddle.

Cute birds have this innocence about them. They bring up feelings of joy and amusement that only the cutest of things can inspire. In my search for the cutest birds in the United States, I chose the birds that animated those feelings within. 

So, without further ado, prepare yourself for the top 8 cutest birds in the United States. 

Top 8 Cutest Birds in The United States

1. Chickadees 

Chickadee Perched
Image by Mark Palmer via Flickr.

The first cutest bird that came to mind in my search was none other than the black-capped chickadee. But, of course, this isn’t the only chickadee in North America, and the other species are equally adorable. 

Chickadees are small birds that are common and abundant across the United States. Their enticing personalities, tiny beaks, and round little bellies make them one of the cutest birds you’ll come across. 

Luckily, this common backyard bird is easy to attract to a birdfeeder. As they are quite curious creatures, it takes little time to build trust with them. With enough patience, you can feed chickadees by hand by standing completely still with your hand outstretched and full of birdseed. 

2. Wrens

Cute Pacific Wren
Image by Eric Zhou via Flickr.

Wrens are intriguing birds, as they are rather mysterious. Keeping to the shadows of dense foliage and brush piles, you only have a moment to glimpse these little birds and their upright, flicking tail. 

However, every so often, wrens will come out into the open, looking for insects. During these short windows of opportunity, their cuteness is on full display. 

While all wrens in the United States are cute, I tip my hat to the Pacific wren and winter wren for being the cutest birds. These two wren species are smaller than the other species. Their dainty beauty gives them fairy-like qualities. 

3. Red-Breasted Nuthatch 

A Red-breasted Nuthatch
Image by Larry Reis via Flickr.

Red-breasted nuthatches are the smaller, redder cousins to the more common white-breasted nuthatch. They are a bit harder to come by as they prefer conifer forests, but they’ll occasionally stop by a backyard feeder.

If you get a chance to admire the red-breasted nuthatch, you’ll soon see how they are one of the cutest birds in the United States.  Not only do they have round little bellies, but they also have charming personalities. 

Nuthatches forage for food by scooting head-first down trees. When foraging on the ground, they hop around in a distinct way. Their unique behavior and appearance will quickly make them one of your favorite birds. 

4. Hummingbirds 

Hummingbird Perched
Image by Trisha Norton via Flickr.

The list of the cutest birds in the United States wouldn’t be complete without hummingbirds. Being the smallest birds in the world, they are undoubtedly some of the cutest. 

But don’t let their dainty appearance fool you, these are fierce little birds. Quick to defend a feeder or a nesting site, hummingbirds are extremely territorial and vocal. They aren’t afraid to take on larger creatures, even an unsuspecting human veering too close to a nest. But don’t worry, much of their aggression is only for show, and for us, it just makes them that much cuter. 

Some common hummingbirds in North America include the Anna’s hummingbird, the rufous hummingbird, the ruby-throated hummingbird, and the black-chinned hummingbird. Check a local field guide to see which hummingbirds are common in your area. 

5. Brown Creeper 

A Cute Brown Creeper
Image by Bill R via Flickr.

There’s a rush of excitement when spotting a bird that is hard to find. The brown creeper is a perfect example of one such bird. 

While common across the United States, these little birds are adept at blending into their surroundings. Specifically, their beautiful feathers mimic the color of bark, camouflaging them as they search for food. 

But, when you do spot a brown creeper, you’ll notice two things. First, how curious of a little creature they are as they chirp along the tree trunk. Or rather, creep up a tree, as their common name implies. Second, how adorable their round little bodies scooting along the tree is. Which, of course, makes them one our cutest birds in North America. 

6. Bushtit 

A Cute Bushtit
Image by nickinthegarden via Flickr.

For a bird to fit the cuteness criteria, it has to be relatively small, preferably round, and fluffy (as much as bird feathers can be). Whether seeing bushtits in nature or even a photograph, you’ll notice that they fit the above description perfectly. 

Bushtits are tiny (3-4 inches) with noticeably round, fuzzy-looking bodies. So, of course, they had to make the list of the cutest birds in the United States. 

Common across the western United States, these dainty birds travel in flocks and prefer to keep to the canopy rather than venturing to the forest floor. One thing that makes bushtits even more adorable is that they like to huddle close together on cold nights to keep themselves warm. 

7. Northern Saw-whet Owl 

Northern Saw-whet Owl Yawning
Image by Rob English via Flickr.

In most instances, owls are regarded as majestic and mysterious, not necessarily ‘cute.’ While the Northern Saw-whet owl is certainly majestic, they also possess a rare cuteness that not many other birds of prey have. 

I consider the northern Saw-whet owl one of the cutest birds in the United States because of their small size, perfectly round head, large beautiful eyes, and dainty beak. All those features combined produce a cute and elegant owl unlike any other in appearance. 

8. Downy Woodpecker 

Downy Woodpecker
Image by Bill R via Flickr.

Abundant across most of the United States and Canada, the downy woodpecker is a favorite amongst backyard birders. As the smallest woodpecker in North America, they are easy to distinguish from the others. 

The male downy woodpecker has a distinct red spot on the back of its head while the female does not. During mating season, you’ll see the two flying after each other through the treetops, chittering all the while. 

In winter, downy woodpeckers appear “extra fluffy.” This, coupled with their small stature and pleasant personality, makes them one of the cutest birds in the United States. Plus, they love to visit birdfeeders throughout the year, especially if there’s fresh suet for them to enjoy. 

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