Nest Box Live | AI-Powered Bird House & Nest Box Camera

Nest Box Live | AI-Powered Bird House & Nest Box Camera


  • AI recognition technology to identify bird species
  • Outstanding 8-megapixel 1080p HD camera
  • Automatically records all footage
  • Live stream to social media
  • Sends notifications to your smartphone
  • Intelligent insights help track activity

Comes as standard with a 20 meter cable.

Requirements: a wired connection to broadband router (up to 100 meters), a minimum of 3mbps upload connection.

Please check these requirements carefully as the product will not function without them.



A revolutionary AI-powered bird house and nest box camera system that automatically detects bird species, sends notifications to your smartphone, and live-streams to social media with a single tap.

With this groundbreaking system, watching birds nesting will never be the same. The days of poor image quality and crackling microphones have come to an end.

Our dedicated smartphone app has been custom-built from the ground up to work seamlessly within the system. Not only can you view the stunning images from your nest box, but you will also have access to hundreds of other cameras on the Nest Box Live platform, all of which are fully accessible within the app.

Share those magical moments in real-time with family and friends on social media* with a single tap.

All of the footage is automatically recorded and available within the app, so you will never miss any action inside.

Your nest box gathers data such as species visited, temperature, humidity, weather and air quality, where you can track and monitor patterns. All are displayed in beautiful detail on the app’s insights screen.

The setup is simple: plug the nest box into your broadband router with the cable provided, and log into the smartphone app. Your nest box will be detected automatically, and you can start using it immediately. Gone are the days of trying to connect to 3rd party apps with complex setups.

Seamless integration, and everything works!


  • A wired connection between the nest box and broadband router (cable provided)
  • At least a 3mbps upload connection

If you are buying this as a gift for someone, please check the requirements above before placing an order.

What’s included in the box:

  • 1 x Wooden nest box with pre-installed Nest Box Live camera system
  • 1 x 1-meter cable coupled with a waterproof outdoor RJ45 connector
  • 1 x PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector with mains cable adapter
  • 1 x long (up to 100m) ethernet cable for power and data to your nest box
  • 1 x 1-meter cable to connect PoE injector to your router

Full setup instructions are available from within the app.

If you are unable to make a wired connection to your broadband router, this system is fully compatible with Powerline adapters. Read more about using Powerline adapters here:

Next box dimensions: 30cm x 14cm x 18cm

Weight 2.6kg

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*Currently only supports Facebook live-streaming